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ABOUT MODERN BAR DESIGN was established to provide trendy & new designs for the home and commercial bar industry. We were tired of the same old designs bar to bar, and decided to do something about it. We want to showcase bar and design concepts that catch your eye and make you tell your friends.

Home Staging Tips

Whether one is making home staging to sell or just redesigning a house for individual fun, a modernized basement bar is a fun element that …

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Modern Bar Stool Plan

As there are the greatest wines in the bar similar way barstools are also very significant. It is said that one won’t enjoy a drink …

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St. Patrick´s Day Themed Bar design

It does not matter if Irish or not (in fact, St. Patrick was not Irish), St. Patrick’s Day is the best excuse to throw an …

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Tips to buying a bar chair

Before making a critical purchase when finding and buying chairs or stools for home bars or commercial bar business, there are several simple things that …

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Best achieved Bar layouts and designs

The bar area services which provides to serve the beverages often gets less attention than other areas and functions. The bar´s decor and ambience bring …

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Designing Bar Interiors

Bar is the center hang out place for many people to draw closer and relax after work or especially on the weekends. Everyone wants to …

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