Modern Bar Stool Plan

Modern Bar Stool Plan

As there are the greatest wines in the bar similar way barstools are also very significant. It is said that one won’t enjoy a drink if he doesn’t get a good bar stool to sit on. The barstool idea of a good seat doesn’t mean that it should just be relaxed but it should also be smart besides having other minor and major requirements. Nowadays there are so many options of barstools that it can even go with the number of that of the brands of beer available in the whole world. But the only problem here is that not many of these barstools counterpart all the required specifications.

The key then is to find some barstool plans and build/customize the desired barstool. There are many choices available in the material, which can be used for building barstools which are metal, wood, bamboo, iron, etc. There are different modes also available such as the retro, swivel, whether it has back or not but there are different metal colors, different designer fabrics, whether it is use for indoors or outdoors and so on and so forth. The best judge of a bar is the bar owner and also the best person to decide on what stools to get. At times we want to make our own barstools to provide our need. Below are some barstool plans for building your own stools.


* The first step taken is to decide between the material, which should be used and this will in turn also decide about the portability. The easy portability is obviously offered by wood. The bamboo ones would be better similarly if a bar owner think that these stools would be used by children too often. In this case even the wood ones can be used. The wood ones are also useful in case the bar owner is an art lover and wants some carvings and designs on barstools. If one wants the ethnic style then go for the formed iron, which will suit the bar owner´s need the most.


* The height of a barstool is the most important thing, which should be considered. It all depends on the height of the bar counter although people have their own standards. It is very important to understand that most of the people are unsatisfied with the barstools because of the wrong seat heights as this is one of the most important things to be take care off. Leave bar stools anywhere between 7 to 13 inches from the top of the seat to the counter.

Style and Color

* The next important thing is the style and the color. The swivel barstool is the best looking for innumerable designs or if bar owner wants to give stress on comfort or something to write back. Although black can suit every background still the color coding will depend on the amount of light available in the bar and the color of the bar walls.

Getting the right blend

* A bar owner also considers to have the right blend. The wood and the metal is the best among the blend. Some people go for metal frame with a wooden seat all depending on bar owner´s choice. Some also go for metal seat on the metal frame, which is carved and painted in such a way that it gives an impression of a wooden seat. This shows the toughness of wood with a visual picture of wood.