Home Bar Different Themes

Planning and create a theme before your home bar building will help making the task of design much easier. It is not difficult to set up a theme-based home bar. Just smartly mix and match home bar features from the varied options available today and home bar isn’t anymore a privilege of the super rich alone.

If you’re one of sports enthusiast, it is the perfect starting point for a sports themed bar. If you select a particular sport, or sports in general, consider covering round seat barstools with white or orange vinyl and paint on the details of a basketball or baseball with fabric paint. Hang the accessories that relevant to sports on the frame and hang jerseys and sports equipment to create more sports atmosphere. The bar itself can be made out of a wood top with pipe supports. Thread softballs or hockey pucks with holes drilled in them onto the supports.

The Retro Martini Bar is absolutely a new trend in recent 20 years, which also the mixture of hip trendy, and nostalgic. Use mirror tiles on both the bar backdrop and on the bar top itself. There are many fabulous retro posters available to frame and hang on the walls. You can get them either in geometric style or for a more Sinatra like feel, with vintage martini prints. For perfect lighting and bar stools, select items with an art deco design. Be sure to stock plenty of martini glasses in both small and large, as well as at least two shakers, olives, and pearl onions.

Tiki bar is another popular trend for home bars. It is most suitable for an outdoor home bar set-up. A tiki hut and a tiki home bar in your backyard or patio involve creating a tropical feeling within the confinement of home. To achieve the Tiki look, a grass skirt bar is a must-have as are bamboo bar stools and a thatched roof hut. Adding small touches like stringed lights, paper lanterns and drink umbrellas make your Tiki bar all the more authentic.

If you like a very traditional home bar, decorating it like an Irish pub is a good idea. The Irish bar, which is one of the most popular classic bar themes, will make use of wood and trim everywhere, stained in mahogany stain. Rich in history and Irish roots, a pub should have the look of a rustic, rugged drinking spot tucked into the corner of some quaint little Irish town.

There are so many great ideas for a home bar, whatever the bar style you decide to go with, your bar should be a reflection of you and your family and friends. Once the project finished, you’ll owe it to yourself to celebrate! Why not invite your friends to your home and enjoy your unique bar? Not only will your home bar create the atmosphere, but it will be sure to take center stage!