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September 24th, 2010 by marie

Whether one is making home staging to sell or just redesigning a house for individual fun, a modernized basement bar is a fun element that can add excitement to a home. Here are a few modern basement bar ideas to get started on a new home addition.

The Bar

First, install the bar itself. Whether to build one for own or buy one that’s pre-made, make sure the bar looks good and gives plenty of room for friends to sit and hang out.

Drinks & Snacks>/span>

Next, you’ll have to stock up on drinks and snacks and get a refrigerator, ice machine, blender, shakers, and different kinds of snazzy glasses and platters to server your guests with.

Seating Options

Four barstools should be enough for your average basement bar but this will be determined by the size of the bar itself. In addition to these you should have a couch or two and maybe even two or three small tables with chairs. Of course this depends on the size of your basement and how many people you plan on having over at once.


Entertainment is the final touch to your new basement bar as you want people to have a good time and be able to relax. Having a large TV with surround sound speakers that is visible to everyone in the room, is perfect for sports parties, movie nights, etc. Music is also very important as it provides the backdrop for a good night out. Play it through the TV speakers for that surround sound experience. To go the extra mile, get a billiards table and a few decks of cars to make your basement a game room as well as a bar. These home staging tips will give your basement an element of excitement.

September 6th, 2010 by marie

As there are the greatest wines in the bar similar way barstools are also very significant. It is said that one won’t enjoy a drink if he doesn’t get a good bar stool to sit on. The barstool idea of a good seat doesn’t mean that it should just be relaxed but it should also be smart besides having other minor and major requirements. Nowadays there are so many options of barstools that it can even go with the number of that of the brands of beer available in the whole world. But the only problem here is that not many of these barstools counterpart all the required specifications.

The key then is to find some barstool plans and build/customize the desired barstool. There are many choices available in the material, which can be used for building barstools which are metal, wood, bamboo, iron, etc. There are different modes also available such as the retro, swivel, whether it has back or not but there are different metal colors, different designer fabrics, whether it is use for indoors or outdoors and so on and so forth. The best judge of a bar is the bar owner and also the best person to decide on what stools to get. At times we want to make our own barstools to provide our need. Below are some barstool plans for building your own stools.


* The first step taken is to decide between the material, which should be used and this will in turn also decide about the portability. The easy portability is obviously offered by wood. The bamboo ones would be better similarly if a bar owner think that these stools would be used by children too often. In this case even the wood ones can be used. The wood ones are also useful in case the bar owner is an art lover and wants some carvings and designs on barstools. If one wants the ethnic style then go for the formed iron, which will suit the bar owner´s need the most.


* The height of a barstool is the most important thing, which should be considered. It all depends on the height of the bar counter although people have their own standards. It is very important to understand that most of the people are unsatisfied with the barstools because of the wrong seat heights as this is one of the most important things to be take care off. Leave bar stools anywhere between 7 to 13 inches from the top of the seat to the counter.

Style and Color

* The next important thing is the style and the color. The swivel barstool is the best looking for innumerable designs or if bar owner wants to give stress on comfort or something to write back. Although black can suit every background still the color coding will depend on the amount of light available in the bar and the color of the bar walls.

Getting the right blend

* A bar owner also considers to have the right blend. The wood and the metal is the best among the blend. Some people go for metal frame with a wooden seat all depending on bar owner´s choice. Some also go for metal seat on the metal frame, which is carved and painted in such a way that it gives an impression of a wooden seat. This shows the toughness of wood with a visual picture of wood.

March 11th, 2010 by marie

It does not matter if Irish or not (in fact, St. Patrick was not Irish), St. Patrick’s Day is the best excuse to throw an enthusiastic party for the home bar or for commercial bar. Whether one´s name starts with an ‘O’, or having green eyes, or if kissed by the Blarney Stone, everyone can enjoy the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. Decorating for a St. Patrick’s Day smash is easy – use green, green, and more green!greenshotglasses

Decorating Ideas:
Begin by hanging a Custom St. Patrick’s Day Banner with special message above the entryway. For commercial bars, this is the best way to promote the special drinks the bar is offering for the party.

Design St Patrick’s Day with a St. Patrick’s Day Decorating Kit! The wonderful way to change the party room into an Irish scene is to mix and match with all great St. Patrick’s Day decorations.

Whenever there are things hanged from the ceiling people expect a party – so get them all excited with Shamrock Lights, Irish Clover Swirls (24″ metallic dangling decorations), St. Patrick’s Decor Kit , Shamrock Glitter Cutout , or St Patrick’s Day Cutouts Hang Shamrock Ceiling Decor over home´s buffet table or commercial bar dance floor for added impact.

Design doorway with a 8′ Shamrock Door Curtain and show green colors. Then add some life to front windows with this St Patrick’s Day Cutouts.

Bar Top Decorations
For bar top and bar tables, go with more green! Use green table cover.
For centerpieces, use a Shamrock Centerpiece or make own centerpiece. Get a round clear glass cylinder vase (8″, 10″, or 12″ height). Make sure opening at the top of the vase is about 3 1/2 inches. Fill vases with 33″ Green Beads. Add an oasis cage floral cage to the top of the vase. Add several dozen green carnations from the local floral outlet. Cut end of stem under water & then immerse the fresh cut flower stems in water with flower food for several hours before arranging. When the carnations are ready, cut the stems again as it is being placed into the oasis cage to make the arrangement. Cut stems so that they are about 2 inches long, and then push them into the oasis cage. Continue adding flowers until the entire cage is covered. For a fanciful touch tie some green or white feather together with floral wire and stick them down into the top of the flowers. Tie napkins up with Shamrock Tinsel Garland for a festive display.

February 14th, 2010 by marie

bar_chairsBefore making a critical purchase when finding and buying chairs or stools for home bars or commercial bar business, there are several simple things that are needed to consider. Furniture for the bar, pub, or restaurant is a large investment. There is no room for mistakes when making huge purchases such as this. So what one can is to make the process a little more trouble-free. Here´s how

Test Before Buying

The heart of opening a bar is the make the customers happy and to be comfortable while drinking their beer. When guests feel comfortable in the bar business, they are more likely wanting to go back. If they feel comfortable enough they are going to tell their friends and invite them to come along. Sit in the bar chair or stool before buying it. Sit in it a while. There are many chairs that are comfortable for a few minutes. Most good conversation and meal lasts for at least an hour for a night. It is highly advised that trying the chair out for at least half that time, if not a full hour in order to see if it is comfortable for the time being.

It would have been better if having people of different heights, weights, and proportions try out the bar chairs as well. Anticipate that customers do not typically come in one size.

Bar Stool Height

This maybe basic but there are differences that make bar chairs and stools that may offer seating at the same height unsuitable for bars or bar tables. Make sure to measure at least twice in order to find out whether or not the bar chair is a proper fit for each bar customer.

Make sure that the bar chairs will fit comfortably beneath the bar or tables while allowing plenty of leg room, swivel room, and breathing room. Make every possibilities to insure the comfort of bar customers or guests.

Bar Space

Ask first how much space is available between tables, how much space the chairs that have been selected occupied and how many tables and chairs will fit. If choosing to have a restaurant or a bar, it would mean getting a lot of customers into the space comfortably. Then get bar chairs and stools that occupy a smaller space. The more people the bar can serve at any given time the greater the potential for the bar to make more profit. In other words, chairs that are space consuming are generally not ideally fitted to greater profits.

Collect two or more opinions

Two heads are better than one. Get opinions from at least other two people other, take a seat, have a look, and give an opinion of the bar chairs that for the club, pub, or bar. The main objective is not to keep going until two positives will be heard but to have to more positive than negative opinions.

One of the persons that gave an opinion about the barstool might have a very excellent taste of choice. Hiring a professional bar designer is still the best option if ever there is a feeling of undecisiveness.

Visualize the Bar Chair with the Bar Before Buying
Consider buying a bar stool that is not only gives a good bar designs but also a bar stool that works well or looks right inside the bar. Think of fitting the color, the height, the wood grain or even a simple style which contributes the atmosphere of the desired bar.

Be Price Conscious

There are a lot of shops that sell furniture for bars, clubs, and pubs. Prices may be almost the same there are differences from one shop to the next. Compare not only the prices. Check if there are bonus gifts, shipping, and replacement policies as well as the price of warranties, extended warranties, and other incidental expenses that go along with the bar chairs.

Spend a time to choose a bar chair

Be reminded that bar furniture is important for many reasons. It is very essential to give a good deal of care and thought into the furniture that was bought. Look around. There might be some bar chairs better than the first one in the first shop that has just visited. Avoid buying in a rush. Think about a plan for at least a full day before making the purchase.

These tips will for sure avoid many hassles, headaches, bad decisions, and could actually save a great deal of money.

January 14th, 2010 by marie

bar_layoutThe bar area services which provides to serve the beverages often gets less attention than other areas and functions. The bar´s decor and ambience bring the customer right when they come inside the bar´s door. A successful bar design is achieved when there is right equipment and layout which is based on an exact space and operating style. Good bar design is seen by functional design, not the numbers of equipment. Here are some common errors in bar design and tips on how to get rid of them:

The first mistake in bar design and layout is often a failure to give attention to real bar supply needs. There are bars which contain so much mixing and refrigeration equipment that there is no space for adequate liquor or glass storage. Think about which equipment that is necessary so that it would be easy to allocate space for items that are really needed.

There are many bar layouts which are based on form and symmetry, not function. A successful bar should be planned to make the bartenders productive and minimize the movement necessary to perform common tasks. Bar supplies and equipment layouts should be designed available for bartenders and servers, even if it creates an asymmetrical plan. The arrangement of each work station should be consistent – the flow, the relationship of the glass to the ice chest, the beer tower and soda gun – all should be in the same location.

POS/register stations are often located distant away from the mix and pickup areas, every drink poured or mixed needs entering into a transaction. Each mix station should have direct way in to a point-of-sale system. If the server is ringing up the sale, then the POS system should also be part of the server’s assigned pickup area.

January 4th, 2010 by marie

bar_designsBar is the center hang out place for many people to draw closer and relax after work or especially on the weekends. Everyone wants to go to the bars which has welcoming arms to them and makes them feel comfortable. Young people are very choosy of which bars they go to, they often look out for the coolest bar interior designs and great ambiance. This is one important reason for the bar interior designers to beautify their ideas and create a beautiful place that has mix of beauty with the charm and the warmness.

Bar has to bring an enthusiastic attitude to the interiors; this bar design project can only be done by professional bar interior designers who have specialized in this field.

Steps to designing

A bar plan is the first thing a bar interior designer should organize. They need to ask the bar owner on what to decide what color, what material is needed to design the entire place. Bar interior designers then cooperate with the other team members and talk about the bar plan that is being proposed by the owner of the Bar.
The interior designing process may need a long time depending on the prospect of the bar owner. Bar interior designers might be stressful in organizing the whole process of designing, for the reason that designing a bar takes lot of concentration and passion in giving the customer or the client what they like.

Bars interior designing is very demanding, especially because interior designing is the most important part of any bar. Bar interior designers work hard to revise bar designs just to get it perfect especially when it comes to designing and modeling the bar. Interior designing procedure itself takes some period of time before the bar interior designers finalize the entire project.

Bar designing ideas

There are many bar interior designers that scan for different ideas before finalizing their concepts and centralizing them to one design. These ideas usually depend on whether the bar is going to be built as a home bar or commercial bar or any different types of bar. With home bars there are many varieties as kegger bar, bar back, portable party bar, L-shaped wet bar and the straight wet bar. Most of the times the home built bars have storage areas, adjustable shelves of glasses and liquor bottles and cabinets.
Bar interior designers are particular on the designs, the bar tops is one of the most considered as it doesn´t only matter with design but also the purpose. Bar tops are made of high pressure surfaces that are heat resistant and water proof. Some bars also have refrigerator systems and built in sinks to keep the drinks and kegs cold.

Bar interior designers also have lots to think in terms of designing bars. Some bars have common design elements as the neon sign. Neon signs come in various colors and designs and are very inexpensive. There are other signs that are included in bars which are basketball, racing, football and other sport signs, sometimes novelty signs and liquor signs as well.

The choice of designs for bar supplies like the Martini shaker, shot glasses, cocktail glasses, mixers, blender and bar tools are the most needed accessories of bar which are designed accordingly to make the bars look attractive.

December 29th, 2009 by marie

safari_ceilingA safari themed bar is one of the examples of Specialty bar type. For mosts bar designers and bar plan designers, there is always a mystery behind the jungles. Striking animal prints, lush vegetation, and exotic African art, provide a decorating pallet that’s hard to resist.

Start with the Walls of the Jungle Theme Bar by deciding which paint colors in a safari style bar. Choices of wall color can be toward the earth tones of deep browns, burnt oranges, golds, tans, and creams.

Once the wall is covered, it’s time to liven it up with a wild jungle print wallpaper border and some prints or posters of favorite jungle animals. Exotic masks and animal print tapestries are another attractive option. African mud cloths, or cotton wall hangings depicting colored mud paintings of tribal scenes, lend an authentic look. Hang stuffed animals if there is a chance to get one.

Choose special rugs for a Safari or Jungle safari_chairTheme Bar for rooms with hardwood floors. Safari designed rugs can complement the jungle theme. If decorators haven’t already gone wild with animal prints, a zebra print rug or faux fur carpet is a great way to bring prints into the room. Otherwise, straw mats can complement the theme by offering a natural, outdoorsy ambiance.Use safari decorations such as animal cutouts (hang the monkeys from the ceiling!) or animal print balloons.

Bar furnitures for the Jungle or Safari Style Bar for a Jungle or Safari theme bar should have more natural wood furniture. The theme is best accentuated with dark wood pieces. Decorators who already have their furniture can accent it with wood pieces such as benches or trunks. Barstools can be designed with striped zebras or tiger stripes.

To make it more exciting, use safari related names or signs to bar locations such as, “This way to Cheetah’s Comfort Room” or “This way to ‘You Tarzan, Me Jane’ Customer Service.”

Hang vines and ivy from the ceiling and have cut-outs of jungle monkeys hanging on by one hand to the vines/ivy. Behind the speaker’s platform another jungle scene can be built. To the left of this area, create a set with a giant gorilla eating bananas, behind bamboo poles, making a “cage” effect.


For centerpieces use baskets filled with fresh fruit, go tropical with pineapples, bananas, mangoes, papaya and maybe a few star fruit. Attach to the baskets, balloons, if that feels appropriate. Or use palm tree centerpieces palm tree centerpieces with a table card that thanks everyone for coming.

December 17th, 2009 by marie

straight_bar-at-homeStraight bar
This design is ideally adjusted for indoor or outdoor use as a backyard patio, pool side, deck or tiki bar by simply decorating bamboo, thatch and tiki ornaments, trim and decorations. It has mostly a beer gutter area for mixing drinks, a convenient foot rest. This shape of bar connect several sections to make a long bar. Most of the straight shaped bar has easy arm rail, or uses pre-made arm rest molding. The good thing is it has plenty of space behind for storage shelving or fridges. This straight shape of bar is great for outdoor service bars or a portable party bar. Like a typical bar, it has a little space for the sink on top, a foot rest on the stool side, a gutter area where to mix the drinks, an arm rail, and a space for the cooler or ref. The width for this type of bar can vary from 6 feet (or less) and up to 10 or maybe more

L shaped bar
This type of bar is great for mostly in basement bar design that is shaped like the letter L. There is no difference in the materials used and its features are the same as the standard straight bar. What makes a bar unique is simply put the big notable difference of the design. Bars gl_baruests can also enjoy a better conversation while sitting in this bar because the distance from other seats is closer. Again the measurements vary depending on the size of the location or specially the basement but usually the lengths are symmetrical.

Corner Bar
This type of bar is actually just a small cabinet to store the drinks. This is used where space is an issue. Because space is an issue this type of bar uses maximum storage space available using bottom and top

Tiki Bar
Tiki bars can come in different shapes and sizes. The traditional tiki bar is based on the tiki hut which is found on islands. They are usually made of wood or bamboo, and the trademark thatched grass roofing. A full sized tiki bar can be quite an affair, emulating an environment of an island getaway resort.
Private tiki bars can be more changeable depending on the requirements and budget of the owner. bamboo-corner-tiki-bar1Poolside tiki bars are very popular, as well as backyard patio bars. Tiki bars can even be built indoors such as basement tiki bars- a pretty good source of awe and amusement for visiting relatives.

Back Bar
This type of modern back bar design has a storage arrangement just like a bookshelf. There are three parts to this bar. The first one is the same as a straight bar with bottom storage with a counter. The middle portion is normally open. The third section is above the counter that stores drinks bottles and can have wooden or glass shutters. Thus type of arrangement is done for display purpose.

A Keggar Bar Design.
This kind of modern bar design is very popularly used. Its design is shaped like two L-shaped bars joint with the straight type in the middle. Viewing from the top, it usually looks like a one-third of a square is cut and used. This basement bar design accommodates a perfect space for the refrigerator and a beer keg that is why it is being called by its name.

A Portable Bar Design.
This type of modern portable design is what best fits for the basement bar. Basement bars are usually huge and sturdy so weight can be a major concern. And considering that basements have low head room clearance, there might have some difficulty in moving a bar. The portable bar can be disassembled. This is what makes it unique. Probably the latest innovation in the basement bar design industry.

December 15th, 2009 by marie

Spice up the outdoor setting with all weather bar stools which are really a great choice for outdoor bar. There are varieties of all weather stools available in the market that can easily be constructed for patios, gardens, pool side etc.outdoor_barstool
The most excellent part about these bar stools is that they are very attractive and apart from that these are a great selection to entertain friends and family. These stools if constructed on the pool side or deck can really play a role of a funky outdoor pub. Choosing on outdoor stools is very special as it involves a lot of things that needs to be considered well in advance only.

  1. Weather proofing- Consider that all weather bar stools must be placed to function in both rainy as well as sunny weather.
  2. Moisture- Find the bar stool that repels moisture. This is because buying on cheaper or low brand bar stool can breakdown from its elements quickly. Therefore invest in a good quality bar stool instead of buying a lower brand every time.
  3. Opt for metal outdoor bar stools- It is advised to go for metal outdoor stools because it can easily hold up to Mother Nature. Apart from this, they also have a contemporary look that can attract a lot of people.
  4. Aluminum bar stools- Aluminum is also a very admired, sturdy, and easy to move. They are best for stacking and being waterproof, they can easily be constructed in the rain.
  5. Wooden stools- Wooden stools may sound very traditional but they can be really eye catching. They have a unique quality of unifying nicely with the nature and offer a warmer feel to you. But while selecting a wooden bar stool, you have to be very careful in deciding the type of woods you choose.

height_bar_stool1This type of bar stools needs proper pressure treatment and fine coating so that they can easily be placed in the outdoors.

All the materials that are mentioned above make a good and attractive outdoor bar stool. But for comfy seating, they must be padded with various seat cushions. The best part about this cushion is that they are flexible and they can easily be removed once you are done sitting on them so that they do not get damaged. These bar stools provide multiple advantages but they must be wiped down regularly and properly in order to prevent them from abating.

December 13th, 2009 by marie

tops_barMaking the proper paper trails to assure the payment exactly for in return of the purchase and not hurting bars business with short orders and back orders is the next step after going from purchase procedure of liquors. All orders, even the verbal ones should have a paper record including the following information:

Date of the order, name of the supplier, name of the salesperson, supplier phone number, anticipated date and time of delivery, items, brands and vintages ordered, sizes of the containers (bottle and case) , number of bottles or cases, unit prices (price per bottle for each item) and name of the person placing the order.

Why is there a need for this information? When liquor, beer and wine inventory is due to be delivered, one can schedule the right people in place to properly receive, verify and place the order into inventory. Once the order has been stored, accounting can verify if what is agreed on and what was delivered are in line, key members of the management team (bar & store room managers) have access to data they may need to better manage their respective departments.

To help minimize risks, good inventory control software can help better manage purchases and go to the extent of actually preparing order for electronically thus reducing the opportunity for error and saving time and money. Whatever it means of placing an order, small or large, assure each order received from supplier has a PO # (purchase order number) that can be use to cross reference a packing slip, invoice and receiving report generated by liquor, beer and wine software management system.

By following the above steps, bar business owners will help the bar business in its efforts to control costs. Controlled purchasing procedures will also satisfy bar customer’s need for a quality product, served by a qualified staff in an enjoyable drinking environment. With today’s technology, a task that may have been time and money consuming in the past can be easily and quickly generated in minutes versus hours with superior results.