Two Examples for Your Wine Bar Design

Two Examples for Your Wine Bar Design

Wine always a place with relaxed atmosphere, hundreds of local and imported wines, tantalizing gourmet food and friendly conversation, and many people want to build a wine bar just at home, so, it become much convenient for themselves to relax.

If you want to build a modern bar, and I can give you two examples, which are so classic ones. Maybe you can get some suggestions from their designs.

The fist one which is called 87 West is home to Ohio’s first enomatic wine-dispensing system, an automated carousel that uses modern technology to pour wine by the glass from any bottle, process the payment and record inventory and accounting information via computer transmitters and receivers. The system is as fun to use as it is fascinating.

With mouth-watering items such as Maine lobster nachos, a pulled pork and smoky gouda quesadilla, chorizo and roasted red pepper flatbread pizza and a spinach and blue crab bread bowl, the food at 87 West can be summed up in two words — delectable and satisfying.

The presentation is beautiful and the smell of the sourdough-encrusted brie tart is simply intoxicating. Light and distinct, the fare accompanies the wineperfectly. Try accompanying the chocolate fondue with your choice of a dry cabernet sauvignon and you’ll surely find yourself in taste heaven.

The second example is the Grove Wine Bar ambience draws regulars and new habitués to its cozy interior, its seating areas and raised deck overhung by the branches of a massive tree. The relaxing a

tmosphere is complemented by the menu entrees and the wine list. Good food, great drinks, wonderful ambience, all these combine to make the Grove Wine Bar a local favorite.

While you can easily forget the lateness of the hour during evenings at the Grove, daytime offerings are equally enticing and engrossing.

For a quick lunch or light dinner, imagine the likes of sesame-crusted tuna, venison chili, proscuitto on your fettuccini, and the different pizza flavors, too. Wash them down with any choice of the Grove’s wine stock and it’ll be a great treat for you and your friends.

I did not make detailed description about what kind of design of these two wine bars, because, they all so famous, and you can only see with your own eyes, then you can get the suggestions about your own design.