The guidelines of fine wine tasting

The guidelines of fine wine tasting

The tasting of fine wine can create many miracles. In talking with a friend today, it occurred to me that alcohol (oh, the evil spirit) has been the muse for many an artist throughout history. Pablo Neruda wrote “Ode to Wine”, Absinthe was a favored drink among the “it” crowd in the 19th and 20th centuries (think Oscar Wilde, Picasso, Hemmingway, and Van Gogh), Robert Burns (of course) mentions whisky on occasion, and modern movies such as Sideways and Bottle Shock have even paid homage to our treasured beverage.

Wine lovers will tell you that enjoying wine and truly appreciating fine wine is like a ceremony or ritual. Even the using of wine glasses has certain steps or guidelines one should follow to heighten the wine drinking experience.

A glass of wine should be poured in a certain way to enhance the flavor and taste of it. Champagnes and sparkling wines need to be poured along the side of the glass to preserve the all-important bubbles. Red wines and white wines should be poured at the center of the glass allowing the wine and flavor to circulate throughout the glass. Depending on which wine you are serving, you should never fill a glass more than two-thirds of the way. While sampling different wines it is normally a recommended guideline to never pour more than a couple of sips. Otherwise your palate will be overwhelmed by the stronger flavors in some wines.

You should choose right wine glassware. Wine glasses even though seemingly unimportant is a main ingredient to a successful serving of any fine wine. Wine glasses effect the temperature of a wine. The aroma of a wine can be better appreciated in wine glasses with wide, thin rims. White wine requires narrower and more slender wine glasses in the common tulip shape.

It is a fact that the authentic experience of wine tasting can only truly be experienced when you follow guidelines that are true and tested. You don’t have to be strict but allow you to enjoy the true taste of the wine by serving and tasting wine properly. if you do follow the fine wine guidelines you will quickly understand the reason why so many true wine enthusiasts choose to do so.