Attractive Designs for Portable bars

No matter what size of house one has, there is always a choice when getting the desired bar. The answer: Get a portable bar. Stylish Portable Bar is designed for those also on the move! This portable bar allows a fast bar set up, anytime anywhere, and has all the bar needs.

How to choose an attractive portable bar?

The portable bar should be made from a thick marine quality plastic and is completely durable to withstand any spills of ice, water, liquor or juices. The portable bar should include ice well, a full size bus bin with additional inserts for another eight juice containers, bottles, and other extra supplies. A portable bar can even have a metal speed rail fitted on to the front of the bar-top, that can hold eleven 750ml bottles or ten 1-litre bottles and is very sturdy. The complete bar should fit easily into the road case that is also the base of the bar and it takes approximately five minutes to set-up. The road case features wheels for mobility and can be carried wherever the party is!

TAttractive Designs for Portable barshe portable bar can be disassembled. This is what makes it unique. Probably this one can also the latest innovation in the basement bar design industry. From a logistics point of view, a portable bar is an attractive option because it allows people to do other activities without having to set aside a room within their home specifically for that purpose. It is important to purchase a bar which is made of lightweight materials. The real portable bar which whilst claiming to be portable, can only be comfortably carried around by using a car.

This means that the purchase of portable bars can be a more tricky task than would first appear, because ideally, the best kind of ballet bars are those bars which are made of metal, as these will be the most durable and resilient as well as easier to clean. Cleaning portable bars regularly is important.

Consider also wanting to factor in the ease of which one can dismantle the portable bar. When too much time have to spend on taking the bar apart, then this would run contrary to the principle of portability.
Portable bar can be custom made to make it more attractive. Some styles available on the market today have a drawer for the glasses and a cabinet where one can store drinks. And even though how small these portable table bars may be, they also have the bar foot railings that are just a foot long. It also has rubber casters to keep the table bar steady while preparing wine and cocktail drinks.

Some portable bars combine elegant design, full functionality and reasonable cost. Custom built to meet special requirements 4′ to 5′ portables will fit into elevators, the standard 6′ size can accommodate complete soda systems and an 8′ length provides two stations. The unique mobile matching back bar can be modified to suit various display, storage and even service needs.
Common Features of Customized Portable Bars:
1. Standard 6′ Minimum Overall Length, 30″ Width and 46″ Height
2. Two Standard Variations – Raised Paneling for elegance and Veneer Paneling for economy
3. Elegant, Mahogany (or Oak) Paneling with Fluted Posts and Highly Decorative Arm Rail
4. Stone-simulating Laminated Hard Top Variations Offered; Choice of many such styles or solid wood.
5. Includes stainless steel insulated and covered ice bin with drain and detachable flanged 4′ speed rack
6. Heavy-duty, non-visible swiveling casters suitable for mobility on rugs
7. Accommodates soda dispensing system independent of electrical and water connections
8. Interior adjustable shelving alternative to soda system (option)
9. Protective options include bumper guard, foot rail wrap-around and fitted quilted cover
10. Custom specifications accepted such as length, shelving, and additional equipment