Modernized bar bathroom designs

Modernized bar bathroom designs - trendy

Less Space the better

To get a trendy look of bar bathrooms, sinks and bathroom storage should minimize the space eaten up. The area for bathroom storage is just one part of the bathroom that it doesn’t have to take up so much space.  There are integrated bathroom sinks and vanity that minimizes the space eaten up while giving it trendy look.  Towel bars that are above one another and shelves placed in one corner are also space saving.  Installing mirrors can also make the room look larger than it really is.

Get old stuffs replaced

The next step is to change some old stuff with some new ones.  For those who favor contemporary designs, then there is a large variety to pick from for the bathroom knobs, faucets, handles, and bars.  The former shower can also be changed with a matching bathtub and shower set.  For a spa-like experience, steam showers are relaxing and inexpensive selections.  Changing the lighting in the bathroom can also strikingly develop the area.  Bright lighting is always desirable as it facilitates the smooth flow of bathroom activities.

Add some spice

Other facets that can be renewed are the paintings on the walls and the tiles on the floor.  A rich or neutral color scheme appends some spice to the room depending on the bar owners’ choices.  Otherwise, one may reflect on renewing old fixtures to make them look new again.  This is especially true with wood materials that can easily be restored to life.

Clean and fragrant bathrooms

Meanwhile, the bathroom has to be a place of good hygiene. Accordingly, it is essential to install exhaust fans that instantly wear off bad odor as well as provide much-needed ventilation for the room.  The exhaust fans also help prevent mold and mildew to flourish.  Furthermore, it should be able to vent off air for an average of 7 to 8 times every hour.   Power ventilators are also effective in eliminating odors and humidity in the bathroom.

Bathroom accessories

After concentrating on the bigger details in bathroom design, the next equally important step is to focus on the small items including bathroom accessories.  Bathroom accessories should fit right into the overall theme of the bathroom.  They include towels, rugs, curtains, soap dispensers, candleholders, and the like.

Finally, if designing your own bath is too much of a hassle for you there are other options to take.  Computer-generated bathroom plans are accurate tools that facilitate bathroom designing.  It also provides a simulation of how the bathroom will look exactly and how the functionalities are put in place.  Nothing also beats the experience of interior designers to make those unique bathroom designs for you.