How to Get Started with Wine Bar building

How to Get Started with Wine Bar building

You love the feeling that you get when you walk into your local, favorite bar. You love the décor with great vintage plaques on the wall, good, worn stools to sit on and a well stressed bar. You feel at home and you love all of the small things that make this place so enjoyable. Yes, to build a bar, there are so many things to do and consider.

You must make sense how are you going to use your bar? Are you going to be hosting guests in your bar frequently? What kind of beverages do you, or your guests enjoy? If you like beer, then a larger refrigerator with special beer racks might be necessary. If you enjoy chilled wines, then make sure there is room for the size of bottles you enjoy. Some alcohol – like vodka – and liqueurs benefit from chilling as well. If you enjoy these beverages, and intend to stock them in your bar, then ensure that there is room in the refrigerator to hold these bottles properly.

If you want to install a tap in your bar, then you may purchase a special keg refrigerator -or ‘kegirator.’ Kegirators are sized to hold quarter-, half- and full kegs.

If you enjoy wine, and have an extensive collection of wine bottles, then a wine steward would be a wise investment. Wine stewards vary in size from tabletop versions to larger small models. A quality wine steward will have variable temperature control – enabling you to safely store your red, white and blush wines at the proper temperatures.

If you are into mixed or blended drinks, then an ice machine is a necessity. A hand-turned ice crusher and a blender will add versatility to your bartending.

A back-up beer cooler is also a worthwhile purchase for storing extra beer during parties. You can rotate in new beer when needed.

No matter where you are starting from, begin your home bar decorating with the furniture. When purchasing larger appliances, it is wise to check out the energy ratings. You can save money and energy while properly storing your beverages. Every new major appliance purchase has two prices: the initial purchase price and the cost of running and maintaining the appliance.

On the other hand, if you do want a more modern style bar, go for it! You will find many options including those that would be appropriate for your kitchen area or family room. Choose clean lines, updated materials with an underlying tone of woods that will match the other woodworking in your home. Always look for pieces that will complete the look for you.