How to Build a Ideal Wet Bar

How to Build a Ideal Wet Bar

Use some basic information and guidelines, then you can build an ideal wet bar very easily. You can also make changes in the dimension and other elements if they collaborate with your space but this is how it goes. Additionally, you can consult market experts for materials, lights, mixers and other stuff for further enhancement. There is always something new in the market and their ideas are certainly helpful.

The most important thing for a wet bar is the sink selecting. If your decorating taste leads you to selecting a colored sink, there are numerous choices regarding material options. Let´s begin with the age old enameled cast iron sink. These are available in a limited number of sizes, shapes and colors. You can select a white double bowl top mounted sink, plan to wait a while for your sink because it is likely it will need to be special ordered. Enameled sinks are famous for “pop offs”. These are spots of porcelain that pop off the cast iron either because they never adhered to begin with or as the result of damage or abuse of everyday use. The repair options are merely patches which are usually unsightly. The cost of an enameled cast iron sink can be a bit pricey if you are selecting an exotic model or color.

The bar top is the first component that you need to focus when building a wet bar of your choice. Its surface can either be composed of wood, marble or tile. An ideal wet bar is usually U-shaped or L-shaped. You can select any shape which suits the available space you have, but L-shaped wet bars have a very good reputation for their stability. So, it is highly recommended if you want to build an ideal wet bar. However, take into notice that a wet bar should not overwhelm your room or you will not have enough space for seats and for putting the drinks. The wall of the wet bar should supportive for wet bar’s top and the bartender side. If the basic precautions are neglected, the possibility of tipping the bar increases.

Usually the height of an Ideal Wet Bar with a range of 40 to 42 inches is reasonable. Do not let the ultimate height of the wet bar exceed more than 42 inches. The front extension of the wet bar should be range from 6 inches to 9 inches if you don’t have any plans to include bar stools. If it is not the case, the ideal front for your wet bar would look perfect if its not more than 12 inches. Exceeding these measurements would result in overcrowded and indecent look, which certainly doesn’t interest you. But what is more important is to notice that this extended front is balanced.

Besides, plan the installation of electrical appliances, refrigerators and mixes accordingly. All the basic things that you might require when you are entertaining your friends on the wet bar must be there at a hand’s distance. In addition, lightning enhances the entire look of your wet bar and creates a good environment. Using some recessed lights will be an add-on to your wet bar.

I think the above are all big parts that you need for building an ideal wet bar.