Home Bar Design and Ideas

Home bar is not just a place for drinking, it is a place to relax after one day’s hard work from your office, and an area that is enjoyed by you as well as your friends. If you want to design a bar for your home that will make your house the one where everyone goes to party, watch the game, or just hang out, then this is where you will want to be to get started. Here are a few ideas to make your home bar welcoming, enjoyable and functional.

Before you build a home bar, you should make sure the shape and space of your home bar. For example, a straight home bar design is suitable for a bar that will be set-up at the end of a room. L type wet bar design with an L shape plan is most suitable to accommodate washing requirement in a wet bar. Corner bar design is most resourceful when space is an issue. The bottom and top cabinets offer maximum storage space.

Depends on the bar you want to build, you should buy or create your own bar plan. In order to build a bar in your home, you will need a blueprint to follow. Some bar design websites will provide such service, but if you want get a sense of achievement, creating a plan by yourself is also a good idea.

The next step is to decide where is the best place to build the bar. A home bar can be placed in a way that looks outside or also as a place from where the television is visible, which make you not miss the wonderful program When enjoy drinking with friends. If you choose a home bar that attached to the living room, it serves as a serving place during party or a small family get together.

The third step is to measure and make sure the area where you want to build. If you want to build a bar indoor, the precision is needed in your measurements, otherwise you may have too many supplies or even too little. There are different types of bars for particular areas, which will come in free standing, straight and L-shaped designs.

Build your bar in home. No matter the indoor or outdoor bar, follow your home bar plan closely and take your time to make sure that each step of the instructions are covered, and try not to neglect small details.

Complete the whole home bar project with careful decoration and stocking. You can create a theme such as tropical, Retro Martini, Tiki, sports. If you want a very traditional home bar, then decorate it like an Irish or English pub. When stocking your home bar, keep in mind the tastes of those who will be sharing in the relaxation of your home bar. Most often, a few basic types of liquors, wine and an assortment of beer will be enough to satisfy the majority of your guests.