Solution to finding the right wine rack for the home

Solution to finding the right wine rack for the home

Good-designed wine racks that keep wines from being moved too much could be the answer to some wine storage problems. By keeping bottles in a horizontal position, good wine racks allow the wine to keep the cork moist so that it doesn’t dry out and allow air into the bottle. It was the Romans who developed better wine storage methods, keeping wine in barrels and bottles.

Tips on how to choose the right wine rack

1. Know the number of bottles intended to collect
2. A wine rack that sits on the floor in a closet somewhere on the north side of the house is needed for having an intention to have dozens of wine.
3. A modular wine racks that hold hundreds of bottles of wine is recommended for a serious collector whose plan is to store wines for more than a year to maybe ten years. A cellar or converted cellar measuring less than 3 meters square will easily hold 100 dozen bottle bottles or wine.
4. The best place for wine storage is a cellar or cellar-like place that is dim, cool, and stable in temperature and movement, slightly humid and with few odors. The most horrible place would be the top of the fridge where there is vibration, constantly changing temperature, and heat from the kitchen and regular exposure to light.
5. In most modern homes the cellar-like place can be a large closet, a walk-in wine pantry, space under a stairway, a specially constructed and insulated room with wine racks and wine cellar cooling systems, or even a converted corner of the garage.


A stainless steel wine rack is a new look for modernized designs for wine rack. For the choice of traditional look of wood, choose from inexpensive pine to more expensive oak, walnut, cherry, western red cedar or mahogany. For wanting novel styles and shapes then you, a wrought iron which can be molded into various shapes and powder-coated in various colors to match the home décor. There should be a plan to have enough space for a freestanding wine rack. Suggesting doing the hanging or mounted to the wall if space is limited. Think also of some designs that are stackable wine racks that allow increasing storage space when you needed. One can also have wine rack sturdy, stable and strong enough to bear the weight of your wine bottles. Such example of a wine rack made of durable and attractive material such as Philippine mahogany is good ones for many wine bottle reservations. Most of the wine rack have full 13.5 inch-deep shelves for full bottle depth and added stability. It should have enough space not only to store wine bottles on their side but to be able to rotate them occasionally to preserve their flavor. The wine rack should have slightly wider openings allowing storage for most Champagne and Burgundy style bottles, as well as standard size 750 ml bottles. It might be angled front slats to avoid damage to labels and hands. The best thing is one can be pre-drilled and screw together using simple tools for easy assembly.