Best achieved Bar layouts and designs

bar_layoutThe bar area services which provides to serve the beverages often gets less attention than other areas and functions. The bar´s decor and ambience bring the customer right when they come inside the bar´s door. A successful bar design is achieved when there is right equipment and layout which is based on an exact space and operating style. Good bar design is seen by functional design, not the numbers of equipment. Here are some common errors in bar design and tips on how to get rid of them:

The first mistake in bar design and layout is often a failure to give attention to real bar supply needs. There are bars which contain so much mixing and refrigeration equipment that there is no space for adequate liquor or glass storage. Think about which equipment that is necessary so that it would be easy to allocate space for items that are really needed.

There are many bar layouts which are based on form and symmetry, not function. A successful bar should be planned to make the bartenders productive and minimize the movement necessary to perform common tasks. Bar supplies and equipment layouts should be designed available for bartenders and servers, even if it creates an asymmetrical plan. The arrangement of each work station should be consistent – the flow, the relationship of the glass to the ice chest, the beer tower and soda gun – all should be in the same location.

POS/register stations are often located distant away from the mix and pickup areas, every drink poured or mixed needs entering into a transaction. Each mix station should have direct way in to a point-of-sale system. If the server is ringing up the sale, then the POS system should also be part of the server’s assigned pickup area.