Bar Counter Ideas

Bar Counter Ideas - wine rack

The bar counter are cabinets which hold built-in lavatories (sinks) and faucets and are the most important furniture to a bar. They are sometimes called bar cabinets in England and other countries.

Typically, the bar counter is a smaller, more specialized version compared to the kitchen cabinet, but are available from all kitchen cabinet manufacturers (although not all manufacturers feature bar counter on their websites).The bar counter is designed to make bartending a pleasure and woodworking a breeze! The full length counter height worktop area provides plenty of space for mixing and serving. A standard size bar sink is located to the bartender’s right. It can be used as a wet bar sink (when plumbing lines are available) or, as a dry sink, it can be filled with ice to “quick chill” your favorite beverages. Next to the sink, usually a recess is provided where you can install the mid-size compact refrigerator (2.5 to 2.7 cu. ft.) of your choice. The base cabinet provides storage for bottles, glassware, etc and is designed to accept shelving mounted on adjustable brackets.

The bar countertop surfaces are usually protected against spills and water stains by plastic laminate. This is particularly important for any wet bar. And it can be constructed using Red Oak and Oak plywood for about $500 in materials. This estimate (which is itemized in the plans) includes all wood used, all hardware including sink, faucet, door hinges, shelf brackets, plastic laminate and all finishing materials. Of course, the estimate is a usually condition.

You can choose other more fashionable and classic styles of cabinets to set to your bar counter. Then the estimate may differ a lot. Like the In framed cabinets, wood joinery holds the parts together. Horizontal rails and vertical stiles secure the door to the box. Most cabinets have thick panels that have been corner blocked and glued or fastened with screws. Some cabinets are stapled together, but over time the staples will pull apart. Which is the standard vanity cabinet in North America. And there is frameless cabinets too, the holes are drilled at 32 millimeter (1¼”) increments vertically along side panels. All shelf pegs, hinges, drawer slides, and other fittings are secured to these holes. This versatile “32mm” system is easy to modify as your needs change. This style is popular in European countries.

Anyway, whether your lifestyle is formal or informal, a good designed bar counter can reflect your personality and personal style. We will be glad to help you find the best fits your need and desire.